Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Back from vacation

I surely neglected this blog over the last weeks. I was away celebrating the holidays with my family and did not take much time to cook and even less to blog about it. Most other food bloggers had a lot to say about their holiday feasts, but I decided to take some vacations from my blog instead. I had great food during these few weeks: delicious quails with cognac infused grapes, a fantastic although a bit weird Tunisian stew: mloukhia, Peking duck, great brunches, not to mention two different fondues and a Korean diner featuring the always tasty BBQ short ribs. In fact, I simply enjoyed all my meals without having these weird blogger's after thoughts about the best way to write about my experiences and discoveries or about the best light to take pictures.

But do not worry! I am now thinking about my next experimentations, about the best way to enlarge my repertoire and sharpen my cooking skills... And I still have to tell you about some of my pre-Christmas (mis)adventures in the kitchen including my glazed chestnuts experiments.

Happy New Year!

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