Sunday, July 16, 2006

Back to blogging

Ok... Where should I start... a lot have happened since my last post. I found a job. I ate and cooked a lot. I didn't write about all of this for many reasons but let’s say that I didn’t put a lot of energy on this blog because I was too busy enjoying life and working.

I plan to get back at blogging but I won't be able to set aside as much writing time as I once used to. From its very beginning, this blog has been a very personal undertaking which developed into a more connected community project like most blogs. I now want to return to this blog to its original focus: my own experience in the kitchen, my experiments, my failures and mistakes, my discoveries and my occasional rants about everything food.

And now, to conclude, the food porn you all expect from a food blog: the close up shot or three pot stickers we made a few months ago.