Sunday, January 15, 2006

Cleaning up after paper chef : leftovers omelet


Last week's paper chef edition is over (see the round up on Belly Timber) and almost all the leftovers have been eaten, including our gigantic loaf of multigrain bread. One of the few traces of the paper chef event left in our fridge, at least until yesterday, was a small bowl of quinoa and spinach crepe stuffing. One of our strategies to avoid wasting any food, especially when the said food tastes good, is to throw any leftover in an omelet: spaghettis, stews, old veggies, rice... almost anything! And this is exactly what I have done yesterday with our crepe stuffing. I also added a big handful of chopped parsley, some tomatoes and a bit more spices to my egg and milk mixture. The result was quite good, especially for old leftovers, but I have to admit that the crepes were much better.

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