Saturday, January 21, 2006

Monfish with roasted vegetables in creamy curry sauce


I'm trying to eat more fish. The problem is that I generally suck at cooking fish. This time however, the result was more than acceptable although I still feel that I could have done better.

I first prepared a sauce using cooked ginger and carrots, a few slices of red pepper as well as chopped shallot. I simply placed all these ingredients in my blender along with cooking cream, srimps, garlic and some spices (curry powder among other things). The sauce was very nice; I could make a soup with it by diluting it slightly with water.

I also oven roasted the rest of my red pepper along with a bulb of fennel cut in quarters. This never fails and the vegetables were also quite good too.

Then came the monkfish filet. I fist pan fried it on medium heat and finished cooking it in the oven. This is where I should strive to improve next time. The problems were as follow:
  • I did not remove a small transparent membrane on the fish which shrank under heat deforming slightly the filet. This membrane did not taste very good anyway.
  • I should have cooked the fish at a much higher temperature or under the broiler. I think monkfish can withstand higher temperature and could develop a nice golden brown crust… or even char marks from the grill.
  • A bowl is really not the right place to put large chunks of fish and vegetables; the rim makes it almost impossible to cut them.

As you can see on the picture, it was served with shrimps cooked in garlic and olive oil... another never-fail-recipe!

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Anonymous said...

This is a lovely dish.The fish goes really well with the roasted vegetables and the curry sauce is just awesome.