Saturday, January 14, 2006

Be your own butcher (the pork loin dissection)

It's the Some Pig Blogging Weekend event! Have a look here and there.

Sometimes whole loins of pork are available in supermarkets at discount prices. They generally come straight from large slaughterhouses in vacuum sealed bags. This is how most meat products are now delivered to supermarkets and grocery stores these days. They are then usually cut and arranged by a butcher for the convenience of the consumer.

A few days ago I bought one of those huge piece of meat in order to cut it myself hence saving a few bucks and getting exactly the cuts I wanted. From the whole loin I got about ten fairly lean but thick pork steaks, one large roast (not lean at all!) and about three cups of lardoons. I froze the pork steaks and the lardoons in small packages for later uses and the pork roast is now marinating in the fridge for tonight's diner. For a little bit more than 12 Canadian dollars (a bit more than 10 USD or 8 EUR) I was able to obtain about 18 individual meals and 3 cups of lardoons which I could add to salads, pasta and various recipes. The whole operation, including the preparation of the roast and the packaging of individual portions, took me about 30 minutes. I feel this was time well invested. I know… I know… I am getting quite stingy but with the money saved, I guess I could treat my partner and me to organic meat next time.


Sasha said...

I'm really getting into this DIY thing! I did have to go look up "lardoons", though.

MagicTofu said...

I think I should specify that the 'lardoons' here are more like the French 'Lardons' in the sense that they are more like the bits of non-smoked bacon used in many recipes. I could have made those 'long strips of fat' too instead of throwing the extra fat away but I should be careful about the amount of fat i am eating.