Thursday, December 22, 2005

My 7 steak rules - Strip loin steak with black pepper and balsamic vinegar sauce

I feel I am now quite competent at making steaks. My first steaks were over and under cooked, often rubbery and most of the time quite unappetizing. I am still unable to judge the doneness of a steak by pressing on it with my finger but a thermometer does the job perfectly for me.

Although I now have a few ways to cook myself a steak, there are a few things I always do. Here are my steak rules. Feel free to disobey my rules, no-one will enforced them on you… but let me know of your own tricks and experiments.

1. Use thick steaks. If, like me, you think a thick strip loin steak is too big for you, just cut it in two smaller pieces. Most supermarkets only offer fairly thin steaks. Ask your butcher for a steak at least 3/4 inch thick or cut them yourself from a larger piece of meat.

2. Bring the meat to room temperature before cooking it. This reduces cooking time which helps tremendously the cooking process.

3. Season well but never use oil or use only a minimal amount except if you are using a very lean piece of meat (such as filet mignon).

4. Pre-heat a thick pan to a very temperature and do not be afraid of a little smoke: this is why you have a fan over your stove.

5. Sear all sides of your steak and finish cooking in the oven. It should not take very long but you won't burn your steak. Use a thermometer.

6. Never serve a steak more than medium. If you like it well done, you are probably better off braising your meat and forget about grilled steaks: it would be cheaper, as delicious and no one will frown at you anymore.

7. Let your steak rest at least 5 minutes before serving it or slicing it otherwise it will loose juices and make your plate look messy.

For this recipe, I made a sauce using my veal glace, some black pepper corns and a bit of balsamic vinegar for a nice aroma and to balance my sauce. I served it with mushrooms, roasted tomatoes and roasted fennel.

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