Friday, January 20, 2006

The perfect weekend breakfast


I often make French toasts on the weekend and Fufu generally cuts tons of fruits to go with them. The caster sugar can look a bit chichi but I love the added sweetness of that adorable melting powder.

It is always a good thing to remember that you can add flavour to your French toasts: orange zest, almond or vanilla extract... even cognac or calvados if you like!


Papilles et Pupilles said...

Perfect for me !

Kimbie said...

how do you make french toast? and with tofu?

MagicTofu said...

Kimbie: you probably know how to make them already but you probably know them under a different name.

1. Beat some eggs
2. Add a bit of sugar and any flavouring you like (e.g. vanilla)
3. Dip old bread in this mixture
4. Fry in a pan.

As for tofu in it... I guess it's feasible but I never tried. Soy milk instead of milk seems an easier subsitution.