Sunday, January 29, 2006

IMBB 22 - Udon noodles


A second IMBB #22 post!!! My first one is here, in case you are wondering.
What is there to say about this dish? Well, it was made using store bought udon noodles, some broth leftover from the pig trotters experiment, bamboo shoots, some dried mushrooms (including a good quantity of wild mushrooms we picked last fall) and a Chinese veggie of which I forgot the name.

Some people are very opinionated about what makes good noodles while others are more interested in the broth or the sauce. I am a broth guy. And as such, I am very careful about the way I season the broth and add flavours. In this case, I didn't have to worry since Fufu prepared the whole thing. The noodles were Japanese but the overall flavours were clearly Chinese. It felt very comforting and took no time to prepare: the perfect lunch!
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