Sunday, January 15, 2006

Citrus and herbs pork roast

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As mentioned in a previous post, I had a large piece of pork to play with in the kitchen from which I was able to get, among other things, a nice pork roast.

Since citrus fruits are now abundant, affordable and good, I thought it would be a great idea to infuse their flavour to my roast. And since parsley and coriander goes so well with citrus fruits, I have decided to stuff the roast with all of these flavours before immersing it in a citrus juices marinade.

1. Make the stuffing using
· The zest of one lemon, one orange and one lime
· A good handful of chopped parsley
· A bout a teaspoon of cracked coriander seeds
· Garlic
· Salt and pepper
· A zip of sherry vinegar and olive oil

2. Open the pork roast with a sharp knife and spread the stuffing on the opened surface. Roll it back into shape and, using kitchen twine, tie the roast so that everything stays in place for the next operations.

3. Make a marinade using:
· The juice of one lemon, one orange and one lime
· A few drops of sherry vinegar
· Olive oil
· A few drops of Worcestershire sauce
· Hot sauce
· Salt and pepper

4. Marinate the pork for four to six hours in the refrigerator.

5. Pat dry the roast and sear it well on all side in a pan. Place in the oven at a relatively low heat (e.g. 300ºF) until cooked to the desired doneness (e.g. medium).

The result was quite good but I think the addition of a bit of wine to the marinade would somewhat improve the recipe. We served it with baby potatoes and broccoli (you can’t have more traditional accompaniments for a roast).


Kate Hill said...

Thanks and Merci MagicTofu for the pork roast infusion! Love the citrus connection. Tune in on Tuesday for the postings!

Louise said...

Salut MagicTofu! Merci pour tes bons commentaires sur mon blog. J'aime beaucoup le tien aussi, tes recettes sont très alléchantes. Super Paper Chef... wow! toute une journée de recettes! Très impressionnant.

Sasha said...

This looks like it tastes wonderful. I will share it with my husband who holds reign over the household pork roasts. Maybe he would be willing to deviate and give it a try!