Monday, January 23, 2006

Potato gnocchi


I have been thinking about making gnocchi for years but never took the time to actually make any. I made all kind of noodles and dumplings including ravioli, spaetzle, and linguine. Gnocchi are fairly simple to make and last Saturday was gnocchi day.

Here’s the recipe we followed:

4 medium baked russet potatoes
2 eggs
About 1.5 cup of flour

Mash the potatoes.
Add the eggs and the salt.
Add enough flour so that the dough stop being sticky but remains supple.
Knead for a few minutes.
Roll into long cylinders.
Cut in small section and, if you like, make ribs using a fork.

We served them with a home made pesto sauce that was sitting in the freezer for a bit too long but the resulting dish was still really good. Reheated, the gnocchi were really not as good so next time we will make smaller quantities.

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fufu said...

I have never imagined that making gnocchi could be so easy and so fun. I can't wait to do it again.