Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Watercress and gravlax pasta

This is what I've done with some of the gravlax I've made: an easy pasta dish. We are at the point in the week where we have to clean the fridge from the little leftovers we have before doing some grocery shopping again. We had:

- Celery
- Gravlax
- Water cress
- Manchego cheese
- and a few other ingredients in our pantry: garlic, olive oil, pasta...

And since we didn't have much time (badminton night!) we decided to make some pasta with these ingredients. The result was alright... nothing great to be honest but more then edible. This kind of pasta dishes are becoming a weekly occurrence, we might have to rethink our kitchen cleaning practices.


Giant Squid said...

What a great idea!! I served my gravlax with a warm potato salad and dill a few weeks ago.. not very creative.
Watercress and Salmon, yummy, I have to try that. Did you serve the pasta hot or cold?

MagicTofu said...

The paste were hot, the gravlax cold and the resulting dish warm. The heat from the pasta did cook a very fine layer on the gravlax, slightly changing its color (you might even be able to notice it on the pictures).