Sunday, November 20, 2005

Good stew made with flavourless meat

I've been recycling ingredients again. This time I made a stew using the veal cubes that served as a flavour booster to my veal stock. I knew I had to add strongly flavoured ingredients to this stew in order to get something reasonably good out of these now insipid meat cubes so I added some Dijon mustard, leek, thyme, bay leaves, and tons of mushrooms. Many of these mushrooms came from my collection of dried mushrooms that I harvested this fall. They included some cepes (porcini), a few oyster mushrooms and some aborted entolomas. The rest was the usual white button mushrooms. The added liquids were some beef broth and cream. The stew was ok, better than what you get at most cafeterias, but it lacked complexity and especially a nice meat flavour... but at least the mushrooms did their job!

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MagicTofu said...

I forgot to say that I also added a big handful of roasted chestnuts to this stew.