Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Culinary confession - my turn!

Recently, many food bloggers confessed their culinary sins on the web. I think this whole coming-out thing was started by David Lebovitz who was soon joined by Amy from Cooking with Amy and dozens of others afterward. I believe it is now my turn to admit a few things so that I, too, could sleep better at night knowing that I did the right thing and came clean with all of you.

1. I often buy things in large quantities to save money and have to struggle to use them before they turn bad.

2. As a consequence of #1, my freezer is always overloaded with food causing chaos when trying to find something in it.

3. Contrary to my own belief, I often avoid organic produces in order to save a few dollars here and there.

4. I often complicate recipes that should otherwise stay as simple as possible at the peril of my guest’s and my taste buds.

5. When I get back to my home town, Quebec City, I always have a weird craving for poutine.

6. I love to try food that some people find repulsive such as dog meat, scorpions and testicles. (link)

7. I love to drink diet root-beer.

8. My kitchen once had a severe cockroach infestation and a few smaller ones (including mice and different types of bugs).

9. I bought a lot of my kitchen gadgets at the dollar store even if I knew they would autodestruct a few weeks later.

10. I have a few 10 years old cans on my shelves.

11. I dislike when people say they like my food when I am not proud of what I cooked.

12. I keep going at a very bad restaurant (believe me, it is bad) near where I live only because they have cheap late breakfast everyday of the week.

13. I don’t understand why people buy ‘fleur de sel’ when cheaper sea salts are available… it just taste the same to me and the texture of many cheaper salts is much more interesting to me.
14. I don’t have any food fantasies about Provence and Tuscany.

15. I pretended to be vegetarian for 2 years but ate meat with great pleasure every time it was served to me.

16. I tend to loose interest in cooking a dish as soon as I feel I mastered it.

17. Although I own an espresso machine and a nice percolator, I sometimes prefer drinking instant coffee (especially at night).

18. The very first thing I said to my girlfriend this morning was: “Do you want steamed rice or basmati rice with the curry tonight”.

19. I watch a lot of different shows on the Food Network although I think most of the hosts are incredibly annoying and/or incompetent in the kitchen.

20. I’m still much worst than those Food TV guys and gals.


cookiecrumb said...

14. I don’t have any food fantasies about Provence and Tuscany.

That is priceless!
Your whole list is good -- I kept reading it out loud to hubby.

yanyan said...

I also like things a lot of people find repulsive, such as tripes, chicken feet and salty fish.

fufu said...

oh, I love to read your confessions. It's hilarious.

menoum_menoum said...

When I say that I like what you cooked, I mean it, whatever you think about what you did. That's what best friends do - honesty.

I Love your cooking, not all the time, (I don't like salty shrimps!), but your boldness brings many delicious meals.