Monday, November 21, 2005

Old recipe books - Vieux livres de cuisine

I just found these two web sites containing a wealth of very old cookbooks.

Want to know what your ancestors were cooking? How they were cooking it? Have a look at these websites:

If you know of any other cookbook database, please let me know!


Je viens de trouver deux librairies virtuelles contenant chacune plusieurs livres de cuisine.

Vous voulez savoir ce que vos ancetres mangeaient? Comment ils le cuisinaient? Allez voir ces sites web:

Si vous connaissez d'autres librairies virtuelles de ce genre, laissez-moi le savoir!

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Marcela said...

Hi Magictofu.
Here i mentioned a couple of interesting resources. Follow the link to "Colección Grewe" and you'll find lots of great old recipes books...