Friday, October 21, 2005

Weaved zucchini basket of chicken mousse with red pepper coulis

Ok... This one didn't work!

I got the idea of steaming a mousse in a weaved basket of zuchinnis watching that mind numbing TV show "Iron chef". One of the constestant, if I remember it well, cooked foie gras in a similar basket. I can't afford foie gras but I thought the presentation was neet... so i tried my own version using ground chiken as a base for my mousse. I never made mousse in my life and assumed i didn't need a recipe... I guess I was wrong there. Texturewise, my mousse resembled more a soft meatloaf and flavourwise, it wasn't great. Fortunately, I had the idea of serving it with a coulis made of roasted and raw red peppers (I had leftover roasted red peppers in the fridge). The sauce provided a nice cover for the bad taste and texture of my dish.

Next time, I think i'll use chicken livers, cream, eggs and a bit of sherry to make my mousse... If I don't have red peppers, I might try a flavoured beurre blanc (or some healtier version of it) for a sauce.

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