Monday, October 31, 2005

The bread experiment 2

I worked on my bread making skills again today. I did improve on my previous experiment (link) but it is still not perfect.

This time, I used a bread flour which have a much higher protein content then regular all purpose flour. I also kept my sponge in the fridge much longer (almost two days) feeding it once in a while with honey and flour. I also added a bit of oil to my dough. And finally I've decided to test the doneness of my bread using a thermometer... And it confirmed that my baker's instinct was usually spot on.

The result was a more flavourfull bread with a more fluffy texture than all my previous experiments. But I'd love to succeed at making that very fluffy and tasty bread I have in mind but I guess I'll have to work more on it. At least, it makes me feel better to think that I am getting much better at baking bread.

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MagicTofu said...

Because of the oil in this bread, it stayed soft for a few more days. I'm not sure I'll use oil again but it does have some benefits.