Thursday, October 27, 2005

Single brand coffee test


Every morning, I make myself a bowl of 'café au lait' and almost every time I buy coffee for my espresso machine I buy the cheap 'red' Lavazza expresso coffee. I don't know exactly why I buy this brand; I know very well I could get something better (there are some very good organic fair trade coffees available in my region for instance)... I guess it's just because it is easy and simple since there are tons of those little red and silver packages at any grocery store.

I noticed recently that the same brand also have a 'deluxe' version of their coffee and I decided to compare the two. I suspected that some kind of marketing scam was involved there since both coffees claimed to be made of the finest Arabica available and that I could not see a way one could be better roasted than the other for a price premium by the same company. In any way, I had grown tired of the 'red' Lavazza and was ready for some kind of upgrade.

I made two cups of espresso (no milk, no sugar, no nothing) Overall, the two coffees were quite similar. Both had a nice crema on top and tasted OK. The smell of the black package 'perfecto espresso' coffee was slightly more pleasant and its flavour slightly better but the package had just been opened while the other coffee was in my coffee jar for about a week. Overall I was not pleased by any of those coffees which is weird since I am drinking that stuff for over 4 years now; I guess when the bitterness is rounded by milk and sugar (as in my morning café au lait) one is less attentive to the quality of his coffee.

I'll now have to hunt for a new brand of coffee... I'm open to all recommendations!

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