Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Glazed rutabaga

Here"s a little side dish that I am quite proud of... I simply boiled rutabaga chunks into a beef broth to which I added some herds (parsley stems, thyme and one bay leaf) and then prepared a honey and butter glaze into which I re-cooked the turnip for a few minutes before serving. I bet it can be eaten cold.

Note: the sweetness of the honey helps in balancing the bitterness of the rutabaga.


fufu said...

What is that thing called rutabaga? Why not simply call it turnip instead?

MagicTofu said...

Rutabaga is one kind of turnip. Its taste is very different from other kinds of turnips which do not necessarily share its bitterness. But you are right... I could have called it turnip... and I could have made that recipe with the sweeter little white turnip... but I opted for the slightly bitter rutabaga because it was on sale recently at the grocery store.

Anyway, did you like it?