Sunday, October 23, 2005

The rice experiment

For some weird reasons, I've decided to try to make my own rice crispies today... Without a recipe! Of course, I failed...

I simply put a handful of rice grains into a skillet in which I heated a little oil and waited for it to puff like pop corn would. The grain did puff a little but nothing like what I was expecting so I waited a bit more stirring occasionally until the rice turned brown... I stopped the whole experiment at that point and drained the rice on a paper towel... Then I seasoned it with some salt and tried to chew on a few grains... To my surprise not only was it fabulously crunchy and chewable but it was also delicious! It tasted a bit like roasted nuts and I believe I can use it the same way (as a snack, on salads...). My partner finished all of my failed 'rice crispies' in a few minutes... I'll make more one of these days.

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MagicTofu said...

Here are some other grains i would like to cook in the same way:

- Brown rice
- Wild rice
- Barley
- Wheat
- Quinoa
- Kasha

I bet that most will puff a bit more since they are generally sold as whole grain so that they are still inclosed in their bran enveloppe (just like corn).

Another way of cooking them would be to plunge them in hot oil as if we were deepfrying them... my guess is that the temperature shock would happen so fast that the air bubbles won't have the time to escape slowly hence producing a more radical effect. I might be totally wrong there... I have been really wrong in the past... but the goal is to learn and have fun!