Thursday, October 27, 2005


I love eating a fruit as a desert on weekdays... especially when the fruits are good, sweet and on season. Recently, we bought some awesome tangerine oranges. I learned to make a simple but nice presentation with oranges while eating in a Korean restaurant in Toronto a few years ago. I find it both easier and more delectable to eat an orange this way than by traditionally peeling it by hand.

You first start by cuting the top and the bottom of your orange and to cut the whole fruit in two identical part.

Then you slide your knife under the skin in order to extract the pulp of the fruit. Make sure not to break the skin as it is part of the final presentation.

Place the top and bottom part of the peel into the small cylinders of peel you just created to form a small basket into which you can place the pulp that you previously sliced in quarters.

Serve on a small plate with toothpicks. It makes a nice ornament on a larger fruit platter too.

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