Monday, December 05, 2005

Bird Flu - Eggs and poultry eaters beware: The boogeyman is here!

I just found this article about the potential consequences of bird flu on food safety. As with most governmental agencies these days, they suggest some basic hygiene procedures and some culinary annoying ones like:

“Eggs yolks should not be runny or liquid.”

This is something I am not willing to do for now. I just can’t imagine having my Sunday brunch eggs thoroughly cooked… especially if I’m having poached eggs. I also love homemade mayo and other egg yolk based sauces. In any cases, if bird flu hits us, it would spread from human to human not from egg to human. I understand that these guidelines apply mostly to areas currently affected by the current epidemic and that aim at reducing the probability of a virus mutation into a lethal killer. The problem is that I always fear over-zealous civil servants when addressing food issues. Will bird flu be the end of organic bird farms? Will runny eggs become only available in clandestine restaurants?

Let me set the record straight here: I am afraid of a potential bird flu pandemic but I am equally afraid of misdirected policies in time of great social apprehension and panic.

However, in the event that runny eggs are to be portrayed as weapons of mass destruction and eradicated from the face of this planet, you could still find comfort in my fake soft-boiled eggs.

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