Friday, December 16, 2005

More bread, more experimentation

I made this bread a few days ago. I tried a new type of flour this time (the European 00) which I mixed with standard all purpose whole wheat flour. I find this new flour to be very fine and I believe it would make a very nice and fluffy white loaf by itself; for this experiment however, I simply used it to improve the dough for a whole wheat bread. I also tested the idea raised during my previous bread experiment by using more water than usual. The result was quite good although my bread was still a bit too dense for my taste and lacked the large bubbles I desire so much. I guess this is a normal problem with whole wheat breads.

A last note: I also rolled the shaped dough in ground flax seeds. Most people add flax seeds for health benefits but both my partner and I simply love the nutty taste it gives to bread.


Anonymous said...

MagicTofu, I find your foodblog very interesting and also the recepies well explained. Compliments! greeting from Amsterdam. Chef Tony

MagicTofu said...

Thanks for the nice words.

I looked up your website and I now have to say that I have another language to learn!