Friday, December 09, 2005

Part 3 of the Turkey Saga - Mexican turkey rolls in mole sauce

If this is Part 3, there must be part 1 and part 2: have a look at them.


As you saw in part 2, I had some deboned turkey legs left to work with after deboning the whole turkey. Here's what hapened to them:

First, I simply opened them and lightly flattened them, adding pieces of meat where there was only skin in order to have a somewhat even layer of meat. Then I stuffed them with:

1. Tomato paste diluted with olive oil
2. Very finely chopped garlic and cilantro (I used the stems and roots but the leaves might even be better)
3. Chopped rehydrated Mexican dried chilli peppers
5. Grated cheese (I used Manchego cheese because that's what was in my fridge that day but feel free to experiment here)
6. Salt and pepper

I then rolled them and secured the rolls using butcher's twine.

Then I seared each side in a little bit of oil and placed the roll in the oven until fully cooked.

For the mole, I simply used store bought mole paste and whisked it in some chicken and turkey stock (see next post). I served the roll with roasted garlic mashed potatoes containing a generous amount of sour cream.

I think it was one of the best turkey dish I ever made. I know I
said the same thing about that rabbit the other day but I guess this week everything worked perfectly in the kitchen for me.

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yanyan said...

I have tried mole sauce once, but I remember that I didn't like it that much. But this time, the mole chicken, I don't know what made the difference,but, boy, that was really good.