Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Pears poached in port wine and spices

Sometimes, and especially when composing a menu for a weekend diner, I find it amusing to subtly link each dish to the other in a succession of services. I guess it comes from my secret fantasy in which I am the chef of a very fine restaurant in only serving people who like and do play with their food. Anyway, when I cooked my rabbit the other night, I also prepared a desert using similar flavours. The rabbit was braised in a spices and dark beer sauce so I decided to poach my pears in a syrup aromatised with the same spices. I decided to forgo using beer here for obvious reason and replaced it with port, water and sugar instead. I’ll let the more adventurous cooks show me how to make desert with beer.

The pears were quite good and so was the syrup which I concentrated into a delightful sauce. In the end I was quite glad of my experiment but I still find the cost of making such desert a bit steep: I used a good cup or two of a fairly good and therefore expensive (at least for me) port wine in my recipe.


marion said...

j'aime beaucoup ta présentation, c'est ravissant (pas envie de faire d'efforts en anglais ce matin, pas la frite pour)

flo said...

This is so pretty, I just love thepicture. Pears are just so delicate, I really enjoy them, and I should try something like your recipe. Bravo!

MagicTofu said...

Merci à vous deux. Et il n'y a aucun besoin de faire des efforts en anglais. J'écris mon blog en anglais simplement parce que ma conjointe ne parle pas le français de même que plusieurs de mes amis.