Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Talking about bad ideas

For some reasons, I had a lot of really bad ideas in the kitchen recently... and this one was a particularly bad one.

Since I got my BBQ, I am grilling almost every day. Its fun and it keeps the heat outside. But some things are just better when they do not touch the grill. Broccoli is one of these. Grilled broccoli tastes awfully bitter and is truly unpleasant. Don't try this at home.


Grillin Greg said...

Actually, I find grilled broccoli to be great. The key is to marinate it beforehand -- I like Signolia's Balsamic Vinaigrette -- and cook it quickly, leaving it a bit al dente.

Cyndi said...

I tried roasted broccoli last week- didn't care for it at all, either. Must be the same cooking process as the grilling that makes it bitter. I'm back to having my broccoli steamed or in a casserole.

fufu said...

Grilled broccoli is really just next to raw ones among my least favorite way to eat the vegetable.
Good try though.